The Russian research-and-production firm firm "Sigma - Integrated Systems" specializes in the development and implementation of automated systems integrated security and life support facilities. The main product of our production is the ISS "Rubezh".
Company policy - complete customer satisfaction to ensure security. From conception to installation of security hardware and building security system in general.

Company profile

     The research-and-production firm (RPF) "Sigma - integrated systems" ("Sigma-IS") was established in 1991 for development, manufacturing, installation and setting-up of access control and management devices, of integrated systems of guard-alarm and fire-alarm, of scheduling and peripheral equipment remote control, and also of local optical fiber networks.

     The receive-and-control guard-alarm and fire-alarm device PPKOP 01059-250-1 "Rubezh - 07-3", developed and produced by RPF «Sigma-IS», is included in the list of the equipment recommended for installation on objects of GUVO (Security Directorate) of Ministry of the Interior of Russian Federation. During the last ten years more than 1000 objects were equipped with the various types and versions of devices made by our firm, including more than 500 objects equipped with systems on the basis of the device «Rubezh - 07-3» - in all the territory of Russian Federation and CIS.

      The largest and the most significant objects equipped with devices «Rubezh» are objects of JSC "Mosenergo", of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, of Ministry of the Interior of Russian Federation, of Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation, objects of “Centro bank” of Russian Federation, objects of “Bank of Moscow”, JSC”Uraltelecom”,JSC “Surgutneftegas”, objects of “RAO EES” and others.

      Last five years we research and produce automatized systems of control by safety on a base of Rubezh – 07 and Rubezh – 08. These devices are in service for tunnels and other extra-significant objects.

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