The Russian research-and-production firm firm "Sigma - Integrated Systems" specializes in the development and implementation of automated systems integrated security and life support facilities. The main product of our production is the ISS "Rubezh".
Company policy - complete customer satisfaction to ensure security. From conception to installation of security hardware and building security system in general.

Description of productive capacity

The basis of electronic engineering production by Sigma-IS LLP is the line of surface mounting, consisting of:

  • Loader of printed-circuit boards to the line of MIC0710LL magazines
  • Automatic machine of screen printing DEK Horizon 03I
  • Automatic installer of surface-mounted units Topaz-X
  • Convection system of reflow soldering Hotflow 2/14
  • Unloader of printed circuit assemblies from the line to magazines MIC0710UL
  • Nitrogen generator for reflowing and reflow soldering ECO-NS-/NSDB-45 Nitroflex ECO-NS-45
  • Installation of jet cleaning of printed circuit assemblies SMT1000-LD
  • Finish soldering of voluminous and nonstandard components is carried out manually by soldering equipment Weller
  • Materials for fluxing, soldering and cleaning by Multicore Company
  • Materials for cleaning by Zestron Company

    Only those components which operability is confirmed by the international tests and guaranteed by the brand of the specific manufacturing firm shall be built into the production during the products development.

    Soldering technology conforms with the European Quality Standards.