The Russian research-and-production firm firm "Sigma - Integrated Systems" specializes in the development and implementation of automated systems integrated security and life support facilities. The main product of our production is the ISS "Rubezh".
Company policy - complete customer satisfaction to ensure security. From conception to installation of security hardware and building security system in general.

Sigma Integrated Systems

    Scientific production company «Sigma – Integrated Systems» LLC was founded in January 1992 by officers of scientific research institutes of the RF MD, Russian Defense Complex, military academies and institutes of Moscow. Founders of the Company are individuals – citizens of Russia.

     At present, one can call «Sigma-IS» LLC a leader of the Moscow «Sigma-IS», Holding Company consisting of several separate firms united with a single plan aimed at creating perfect means of complex security and life support of technologically sophisticated and distributed objects. At present, the Company has basic assets, such as a separate building, modern surface mounting production lines and highly skilled personnel. The authorized personnel with branches in Voronezh, Vladimir and St. Petersburg is more than 150 people; of them more than 80 have higher engineering education.

     The basic firm includes production and scientific research departments, design bureau, software development division, backup division, sales division, supply and marketing division, design and assembly division and others. Officers of these subdivisions have wide practical work experience in operating remote control automated systems and security systems. They gained experience at scientific institutes and technical subdivisions of law enforcement structures. Five persons have Candidate of Science (Engineering) degree, one person has the Degree of Doctor and one doctoral thesis has been submitted for defense.

     Scientific engineering and coordination councils carry out regular work in the Company, discussing topical issues of the current activity and making strategic decisions for future prospects.

     In the last years, «Sigma-IS» SPF has carried out a number of important scientific research and experimental design works, among them those on the orders of state organizations. The result of this work is more than 150 types of electronic devices, which were developed, certificated, series-produced and are now successfully operated at the objects of different degrees of complexity. Such electronic devices make it possible to produce automated complex security and object control systems distributed by area.

     Special software is used in the composition of Rubezh Integrated Security Systems developed and introduced by the Company. This special software and maintenance was also developed and performed by officers of the Company. Money turnover of the Company annually increases half as much again.

      «Sigma-IS» Sigma IS regularly and actively cooperates on scientific and practical basis with the leading scientific and educational institutions working on security issues. Among these institutions there is RF MES, the Moscow Region MIA, N. N. Andreev Acoustics Institute , Bezopasnost (security), Information Security Chair of N. E. Bauman MSTU, Moscow University and Voronezh Institute of Russian MIA, ZaschitaInfoTrans, NIRIT (National Radio Information and Communication Technologies Institute) and others.

     Of special importance is scientific and practical cooperation with Ohrana (guard) Scientific Research Center of Russian MIA. In compliance with the order of the Center, we developed and tested numerous modern electronic safety-alarm devices, including radio-guard, biometric access control, new microprocessor integration platforms of security and telecommunication systems, etc.

     We support close educational, research and practical relations with Academy of State Fire Prevention Service (GPS) of the Russian MES. Based on these relations, in 2005, it was decided to place a basic, out-of-staff Educational and Scientific Automated Systems Chair and Information Technologies Complex of this higher educational institution in Sigma IS LLC. There, trainees of the state fire prevention service (GSP) of the Russian MES will be able to get information about the results of scientific research, advanced GPS practice and modern production of software and hardware fire prevention facilities.

     Among our recent scientific research achievements put into effect as serial production based on our own technological base, of special importance is development of network biometric access control systems; a specialized «Integral-400» modem for transfer of alarm messages within the range of 400-500 MHz with the digital flow velocity equal to 19.2 Kbod in conditions of Moscow; PCI video display board with hardware video flow compression; and highly efficient industrial controller on AMD processor of the System-on-Chip type.

     Our products were repeatedly given recognition at prestigious Russian and international competitions and exhibitions devoted to the issues of fire prevention, anti-terrorist security, technological, informational and anti-crime security and to other urgent challenges of modern vital activity.

     The following is among the most important prizes and awards of the recent years:

     At present, Sigma IS NPC has modern imported equipment for production of electronic hardware and uses the best, imported and domestic element base of the newest developments. The Company exercises quality control in conformity with requirements of ISO 9001 International Standard. All products, works and services in security and life support sphere have all required certificates and licenses.

     It should be noted that the equipment produced by the Company in the composition of developed Rubezh Integrated Security Systemas (ISS), was included into the lists of technical means allowed and recommended for use at RF Ministry of Defense, State Property Protection Department of Russian MIA, RZhD OJSC, Gazprom OJSC, Federal Penitentiary Service (FPS, former MDRJ) of the RF Ministry of Justice and other organizations. The Company makes contractual supplies of equipment to the objects of the RF MD from 1995, of RF Ministry of Justice from 1998, to RF MIA – from 1998, to the Central Bank of Russia – from 1997, to Housing and Communal Services Department (HCSD) of Moscow, by means of Gormost SUE – from 1998.

     More than 5000 administrative, industrial, military, fuel-and-energy and other objects, including critically important ones, located in the area of the Russian Federation, CIS and foreign countries, are equipped with Rubezh Integrated Security Systems Several hundreds of new, multifunctional, distributed ISSs at the objects of different regions of the country have unique performance meeting customer needs.

     The equipment produced by Sigma IS LLC scientific production company is installed and reliably functions at the following most important objects of Moscow: Bank of Moscow, Mintopenergo, Gormost SUE, building of TNC, Ostankino Technical Center, the main building of FSTEC of Russia, building of RF MIA (4 Ogaryov St), objects of Ministry of Defense (RF AF, MMD Headquarters and others), building of RF Ministry of Transport. Installation of the equipment is planned at a number of Aeroflot objects and other organizations.

     Not long ago, the Company executed orders at a number of important objects of the RF CB Main Department, which included a full list of traditionally regulated actions such as inspection, design, supply and assembly of equipment, commissioning and turnkey acceptance of the equipped object by the customer. All this ensured great effectiveness of the operating security systems.

     Introduction of «R-08», integrated security systems only into the housing and utilities infrastructure of Moscow and into the objects of Gormost SUE, made it possible to:

  1. 1. Increase flexibility and significantly simplify operation of the objects’ life-support systems;
  2. 2. Significantly increase reliability and security of systems at normal operation;
  3. 3. Increase effectiveness of control and operation of the objects’ life-support systems in case of emergency;
  4. 4. Carry out automated control and accounting of the state of the main engineering equipment of buildings and constructions and of their technical conditions;
  5. 5. Solve the task of energy resource saving through automated consumption records.

     At present, these possibilities can be considerably increased by construction and operation of transport radio environment protected from disturbances and information, to transmit digital telemetry and control commands from the objects to control centers and back based on a new «Integral-400», radio modem model, whose serial production was developed on «Sigma-IS» LLC production base.

     Our customers and partners repeatedly marked reliable and uninterrupted operation of our equipment in their numerous positive appraisals.

     At present, the Company is planning accelerated modernization of production, increase of the volume and range of production, first of all industrial controllers on a modern microprocessor base, which will make it possible to create multifunctional, distributed and non-maintained systems ensuring complex security and life-support to the objects and protecting them from threats of terrorism.

     In 2003-2006, Storno Audit Company was carrying out annual financial analysis of the state of the enterprise. According to the results of independent audit inspections, the following conclusion was made and repeatedly confirmed: Sigma IS SPC is a financially sustainable and highly efficient enterprise, quite attractive for investors.